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The verities you can find in Hong Kong foods

As the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures, Hong Kong food has developed a mix of eating habits that incorporates Chinese, particularly Cantonese, and Western cuisine. It is known as “food paradise”. As a place where the world meets, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian restaurants are also very common. Click here for best french restaurant hong kong.

Sago mix

Sagu mix a traditional dessert with a good reputation in Hong Kong. Sago and a variety of seasonal fruits are used in this item. Pieces of colorful fruits drift in the middle of white pearls in a beautiful sago bowl that brings magnificent visual effects. The combination of sweat and the bitter taste of fruits, milk with a strong fragrance and the tenacity of sago, a mix of sago is better in summer, as a leisure food. Visit this site for american food in hong kong.

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Roasted Goose

Goose Grilled is a traditional specialty of Cantonese cuisine. Grilling the whole goose with secret ingredients, this dish contains rich brine and mild flavor. Cut the delicious chicken into small pieces, and each piece is made up of skin, meat, as well as soft bone. The specific advantages of this delicacy are crispy skin, tender flesh and fragrant bones, and like for fat, but not greasy. Eating with the plum juice can give it an incredible flavor.

Fish Ball

The fish balls is a typical Hong Kong species that made a bite of fish meat. According to a statistic in 2002, the average daily consumption of fish balls in Hong Kong is 55 metric tons (3.75 million fish balls).

One of them is the well-known cooked food sold in the streets by vendors. Its history can be traced back to 1950. This type is made of fried fish meat. Food stalls often sell them with hot sauces or sweat.

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