EV Charging Solutions

The Future of EV Charging Solutions

EVs represent the cutting edge technology as well as offer the best solution to the world’s highly pressing pollution problems. By installing EV station at your home brings both environmental and financial benefits, and offers the long term benefits for your brand as well.

EV charging guide

Many companies are now installing the workplace EV charging for use by the visitors and employees. Since with the home based charging unit, plugging-in EV at a workplace charging actually makes sense because employee vehicle typically will be stationary at most of a day when it is charged conveniently. The work based chargers also can play a very role for attracting the customers to visit the commercial or the retail site.

EV charging guide

Whereas workplace ev charging solutions points are quite similar to the home based units, the power-ratings generally tend to be much higher with 7kW and 22kW units installed. The business units come double socket that allows them charge 2 cars at a same time. Company benefits in a form of enhanced capital allowances and grants are accessible for the workplace charging units. The company owners will decide whether to give free charging or charge a fee for using such facilities, most opting for low or zero cost to incentive their EV usage within their company and by the visitors and customers.

In fact, buying & installing electric car charger is simple and much cheaper than it appears, and can also be done by somebody who is very confident in their DIY capabilities.

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