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Green tea is one of the drinks favored by everyone, especially women because of its benefits. As the best anti-oxidant, various companies now produce green tea with various forms such as powder and tea in bags. Asia is the best area for planting tea. Florte is one company that provides green tea for consumption with various different variants of green tea from other companies. The best green tea hk ​​is present in 3 variants, namely citrus green tea, rose green tea, and sunrise green tea. All of the tea is sold at the same price of $ 138.00 per package. This is perfect for those of you who want to feel the different taste of green tea in general.

green tea hk

Where can we get green tea in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the must-visit destinations in Asia. For those of you who are tourists who want to find a Hong Kong tea shop, maybe you don’t know where this is. The best tea shop hong kong, Florte, is available in various areas such as Causeway Bay, Central, Wan Chai, TsimShaTsui, and many more. Why is Florte the best place to get tea? This is because Florte is available in various tea variants that are different from the others. Florte provides green tea, floral tea, fruit tea, and herbal tea. Tea mixed with other natural ingredients such as fruit and flowers will give a unique taste and different from other teas. this is what makes Florte highly sought after by people, especially tea lovers.

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