Primary Crash Course in Literature for High School Students in the Philippines

In the Philippines today the length of Primary and also Secondary institutions is being discussed whether to include one more 2 more years in the typical 6 years main and four years secondary, making second additionally six years for an overall of twelve years in preparation to college education. College principals and also educators alike are split. Paying moms and dads in the independent schools are immune while also non-paying parents in the public colleges raise their eyebrows on the plan of the federal government. Numerous sectors examine the program for that would certainly suggest paying more and also staying longer in college. Moms and dads desire their kids to complete school right now so that their youngsters can help them ease their hardship. So what is the use of adding years in the 100-year long academic system when Filipino graduates all over the globe are competitive?

 Below is a proposal based from a research study the author conducted on the Language and Literature program of Famy National High School Laguna, Philippines on the possible solution to aid the lack of pupils prep work and exposure to Literature prior to the most likely to tertiary or higher education sans the concern of including variety of years in the high school.

English school


After checking the environment of the trainees, teachers and the materials available in Famy National High School in Laguna Philippines they both utilized when they had the English 4, the supporter saw the requirements to prepare the fresh grads from the Famy National High School by giving a primary refresher course program in Literature to prepare them for the demands and roughness of college Literature courses.

The fourth-year high school students did not have adequate exposure in learning Literature since the book they utilized qualified Moving Ahead in English released in 1999 which was framed on integrative strategy for this reason, mastery of the 4 macro abilities was stressed throughout the year. The lessons they had in Literature was a combined of World Literature, Asian Literature and Philippine Literature given after each lesson. Their direct exposure on Literature was not based upon a solid structure since the emphasis was extra on language and also out Literature. Out of seven lessons, one was provided to Literature with concerns concentrating on the moral or academic lessons. English short course in philippines trainees themselves took a look at Literature as springboard lessons to language lessons without value for it as an art kind.

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