What is a bitcoin

Know The Real Future Of Money Is Here To Rule

There will always be strong indications when it comes to the forward movement of humanity and its seers that cannot be missed out unless one is idle as a rock. Be it in any field of growth, we can always stare and awe at he wonders we ourselves invent for the betterment of all. One such drastically severe indication was felt in the year 2009 as digital currency moved its wings of occupancy to the next level – Bitcoin.

What is a bitcoin

What is a bitcoin?- was the most raised question of that period. There also is not clear information as to whom or how such a marvel was introduced. But it was accepted by the majority who didn’t fear the future. Generally speaking, Bitcoins are electronic cash, cryptocurrency that is not under any particular control of an administration or a bank. Being a form of currency, bitcoins can be sent from one to another not through usual money transaction method, but through separate bitcoin networks specially created for this purpose.

As Expected They Grow Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations

In today’s situation one bitcoin equals to 3,57,191.11 Indian rupees. Their growth is out of expected proportion and thus will be it in the foreseen future too. Bitcoins have already surpassed ten times the American dollar equitant of INR (Indian rupees). This ravishing growth is because of two main reasons. First in the timely raising of the question that nearly happened a decade ago – What is a bitcoin?

The second reason is the free will to live independently from the clutches of governments and it’s relating factors. When money is controlled our livelihood is also brought under surveillance. But with the fast outspread of this digital currency that is not under any obligation of control or manipulation, finally, humanity is looking at the bright positive side of future and they are slowly accelerating towards digital freedom for all.

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