eye check up

Get the regular check up for eye lenses

It is important to choose the correct eyeglasses for your eyewear, else it may be damaging to your eyes. Eyes are crucial and extremely delicate part of the body and it is necessary to take care of them in order to enjoy vision. You should have knowledge in order to understand the sunglasses according to your prescription and lifestyle. Prescription sunglass lenses are custom made and it changes a good deal in design in addition to material. If you are buying prescription sunglass lenses online then you must consider following tips –

eye check up

  1. Get your eyes examined – For youths the validity of eye prescription is 1 year and for adults, it is two decades. If the prescription is obsolete you have to get your eyes examined and get a prescription. Keep the copy of the prescription handy when placing an order for your sunglasses.
  2. Quantify the papillary space – to understand the optimum centering of the eye care Hong Kong that your optician will ask you for the papillary space that you can get from your optometrist. To find the eyesight from your sunglasses use the center of the lenses.
  3. Choose the ideal frame – to find out whether the frame is ideal for you or not, you need to use these three variables. Pick diabetic retinopathy Hong Kong would enhance your features and shape and increase your look. To make a balance you need to decide on a framework which will give contrast. Things include design in addition to color, material, shape and detailing. You can pick from stylish, sporty, classy, retro or any other style.
  4. Match the lens material with your prescription – you may select any of the lens substance depending on the purchase price and your prescription.

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