Choosing your cichlid fish – Meticulously

The starting point when choosing your cichlid fish is individual choice. The majority of people start by seeing a fish that truly caught their eye as we did with the blue dolphin cichlid. Perhaps it was the intense colors, maybe the form, maybe even the character. Wherever you start from you need to learn what problems your cichlid fish needs for a satisfied and also stress and anxiety complimentary life. These problems include the size of aquarium, water temperature, water ph level, lights and container mates. You should decide whether you want simply one fish or numerous of the same varieties or numerous of various species.

cichlid fish

Before you go hurrying to the fish store your very first job is to locate a reliable provider. By this I indicate a specialist who has actually been managing fish for years. I would strongly advise against going to any kind of animal store chain. You know the locations where someone gets minimum wage for placing a fish in a plastic bag. In my experience these individuals are doing a job and truly do not know or care too much regarding your fish. The most effective area to purchase your cichlid fish is from a specialist aquatic store or a dog breeder. You can make your very own choice by making several check outs to these places and examining on the tidiness of the storage tanks, task of the fish and whether the store proprietor will use details without pushing for a sale.

Many cichlids keepers keep what is known as a ‘community tank’ where great deals of different fish live together silent peacefully, but you need to be careful in your selections. There is no factor placing a hostile fish in amongst a storage tank of relatively placid ones. ‘Last guy standing’ occur. A number of aggressive fish could be housed with each other offered they are of a comparable dimension. They would require rocks as well as driftwood to mark out and assert their own area.

Having made a checklist of fish you want to keep in your container you will match them inning accordance with their compatibility. It is never ever a smart idea to have really accommodating fish in the same aquarium as very hostile fish. If you get rid of all the hostile fish there will still be a leader. One of the most hostile of the accommodating fish will certainly become the leader of the aquarium. Always consult from the water team relating to the compatibility of the fish on your list.

The following action is to place your last choice of fish in order from manageable to a lot of aggressive. This will certainly be the order in which you add them to your aquarium. It is suggested that getting two or three fish each time, a number of days apart would certainly be the best technique to stock your aquarium.

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